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Shelter and safety. They make us feel comfortable and secure. We have a lot of comfort and security and shelter here in america. Rarely do we feel truly threatened or at risk. We go places we know are safe and we take part in activities that are completely within the realm of safety. Even when we risk a little it’s a conscious decision with as much safety measures in place as possible. We have so little risk in our lives we have to inject tiny amounts of it via perceptively dangerous recreational activities that are still extremely controlled.

With all this shelter comes, for me at least, a diminished sense of adventure and a disconnection with the experience of life and spontaneity. How can we truly connect with our surroundings if there’s a constant buffer separating us from it? When’s the last time you felt the touch of grass…

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Eating Green Curry in the Delaware of Europe

Duck Pie

Vaduz and the Rhine Valley from above. Vaduz and the Rhine Valley from above.

One guidebook I read cautioned against visiting Liechtenstein for the “cocktail-party bragging rights.” But, so far as I can tell, there are only two reasons you visit the pint-sized principality, one condescending but honest (the novelty), the other more surreptitious (tax evasion). I’ve always been something of a geographical completist, one of those people who collects places, checks boxes, drives out of the way to get that last county in Maryland, visits Lansing just to have visited it. For that personality, the border crossing between Switzerland and Liechtenstein is entirely anticlimactic. Blink at the midpoint of the Rhine, not yet a major river, and you’ll miss the small white sign with the princely seal that unceremoniously marks your entry into the Alpine realm. You’d be forgiven, too, for missing the border crossing. Even the Swiss army has accidentally invaded on three occasions, ultimately…

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Your Guide To Packing When Moving

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Moving from one house to another can be hectic. Most people do not even know where to begin packing and what they require. Some people pack in a disorganized manner such that their belongings do not fit in the storage boxes or they end up leaving behind some items. Although it may be tedious to pack and move houses, you may simplify the work by taking these few tips into consideration.

Packing Materials

Start by finding packing materials. These may be boxes, suitcases, masking tapes and any padding material required for utensils and other delicate things. These will help you get organized in such a way that you know what is to be packed in what box. You may even label the boxes for ease of recognition or to help any other person helping you remember.

Collect Important Documents

Collect all your important documents together and file those that may…

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